DSC_8125_2April began her journey with Yoga in 2001 after relocating with her family from San Diego to the Temecula area. In search of morning dance classes, she found morning yoga classes instead and decided to give it a try. With dance being her first love she never thought she would find anything else that would compare to her passion for dance, until she took her first yoga class. She walked away from the first class with a sense of calm, a deeper connection with not just her body, but in her daily life. Although she had discovered muscles she had never thought existed, nor used as a dancer, there was still something very therapeutic about her experience. As she deepened her practice, she studied the many different styles of yoga and gravitated towards hot yoga and vinyasa flow styles. April’s classes focus on correct alignment, relaxation and acceptance because it is her belief that everyone can do yoga. Being able to redirect your focus from the physical postures, using breath and imagery and knowing when to find that personal edge and when to give yourself permission not to push so hard is part of each person’s journey with yoga.
DSC_7878_bwJen is a certified Sraddha yoga instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance.  Like many people, she used to spend many hours at the local gym. Rarely a day would go by that didn’t start with a dose of cardio, followed by weights and abs. After a while, she realized something was missing…that’s when she discovered yoga. She discovered yoga is much more than a physical practice, it’s a way of life and a very warm, welcoming community. Yoga filled that missing spot in her life with a feeling of calm, a feeling of being complete.  She is very excited to share her love and knowledge of yoga with others.
 Julia discovered her love for yoga and its benefits while living in Okinawa, Japan. Upon her return to the U.S. she rekindled the yoga flame then set it on fire as she completed 200 hour teacher training. For Julia, yoga continues to show her the impossible is possible, that the mind/body connection is incredibly powerful. Julia enjoys vinyasa flow, practicing arm balances, inversions and any challenging pose. As a mother and military wife yoga has brought the blessing of contentment, strength, will, drive, peace and clarity through the toughest times of her life. Julia enjoys the Isvara community and hopes teaching yoga will provide the same satisfaction in her students practice and daily lives as it has hers.
UH5A6648Donna’s yoga journey started about 10 years ago, feeling the need for something different she joined a gym that offered a yoga class. From that point on she was hooked, joined a local studio and after a couple of years she decided to take her practice to the next level and became a certified Sraddha instructor. Wanting to give back to people the joy she found in yoga she received her 200 hour teacher training. Upon completion of her training, Donna has been teaching and enjoying every part of it! Donna and her husband have four wonderful grandsons which light up their lives. “I don’t think my journey will ever end and I love taking on new challenges. I love to knit and quilt, which takes me to my quiet place in my mind. Being a hairdresser for the last 38 years has taught me to understand my students needs and wants better, bringing everything together. Remembering we are all on this journey together has made me a better person in my daily life.”