$49.00 (Valid 30 days)
$75.00 (Valid 60 days)
$115.00 (Valid 90 days)
$135.00  (Valid 30 days)

Class Descriptions

Isvara 1

An introduction to basic yoga postures, the breath of yoga and proper body alignment focusing on postures that stretch and strengthen allowing the body to relax and embrace the positive effects of yoga.

Isvara 2/Flow

This practice will expand on the breath, proper alignment, and body awareness. Postures may be sustained for a longer period of time or simple flowing movement and inversions may be introduced.

Isvara Hot Fusion

Integrate heat and follow postures that help lengthen and expand building flexibility, strength and endurance. Linking the postures with the breath in a continuous flow, this practice appeals to anyone looking to ignite a regular practice.

Isvara Core & Sculpt

Align your practice by combining the fundamentals of core strengthening, light weights and deep breathing as you build internal heat with movement. This class will improve muscle tone, sculpt and strengthen the whole body.

Isvara Sculpt

Create lean muscle, improve stamina and introduce light weights into your yoga practice, cardio bursts and plyometrics for the total body sculpting and conditioning.